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Back briefly...

Something's wrong with Yahoo mail - it's taking forever to load.

Went to the Eminence Symphony Orchestra's Destiny Concert, by the Dream Time Ensemble, with SC on the weekend. Being at The National Theatre in woop woop St Kilda (well, it's woop woop from Preston ^^), we spent 1.5 hrs getting there, for a 1.5 hr performance, and...you get the picture. Had ramen for dinner on the way back though.

Anyways, it wasn't bad. I like quite a lot of the music, with Joe Hisaishi's work being my favourite, and I also like the Hagaren song they chose - Brothers (ブラーチヤ) - I just missed the vocals. You could really see and hear (for most of the songs) how much the performers loved the music/performing as well, even though the venue wasn't particularly suited for it, IMHO. What was a little bit annoying was that any announcements the lead performers decided to make were basically murmured to the audience in the lower half of the theatre (we were in the upper half)...and some of the footage they chose (or didn't choose) to screen as accompaniment. SC remarked that it's strange they were able to find art from Howl's but not from Spirited Away. My complaint is more pedantic...I just wondered why they screened SEED DESTINY scenes to a SEED song...amongst other quibbles.

I'm loving GetBackers atm - about half way through the anime, with the Infinite Castle arc just completed. Can't really despise any of the characters, but favourite's got to be Dr. Jackal, just so professionally evil ^^...Shou-chan's great as Ginji, and SekiTomo is turning up as the next villain, so I'm definitely sticking with this, and will keep it too, methinks. Wonder if GI had watched the openings and endings though...he really should have expected certain aspects of the anime ending given the op&ed clips... The manga is still going, so I wonder what's happening o_O...

Damien Martyn was dropped from the test team!?!?!
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