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Death Note 59...

I will get around to writing something substantial one day...and probably put some reviews (not just of anime or manga either) up...but at this point in time, I'm just not feeling up to it...

The reason being... it's official - L is dead. I just don't really know what to think of the twist that Tsugumi Ooba-sensei decided to construct...to put it simply, it's a case of 'L is dead, long live L'... Whether it's because of the influence of the other live journals I read (flowright's, in this case) or just how clichéd it seems once the development came out...but for me, the plot was heavily connected with the interaction between the two geniuses - Ryuuzaki (L) and Light (Raito). Their sparring, and their 'friendship' was probably the glue that held many fans to this manga...And if I keep going...I have the feeling I'm going to be a little incoherent, so that'll have to do.

On the other hand, with regards to Naruto 249... I can't say I wasn't expecting the fight to have this outcome, but I had hoped it might last a bit longer. Still, it's nice to know that Kishimoto-sensei has written weaknesses into practically all of his characters' techniques and specialities. Now...when will we find out a few of the Akatsuki's weaknesses? As for Gaara...I don't really want to think about it the way some people on myth720's journal are...I thought it was a fitting development in his character.

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