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There are some things one can never write in a blog...

I was a bit surprised to find out...Suzukaze Mayo (涼風真世) has actually taken on another major role after Kenshin (in any of the るろうに剣心 series/OVAs), which is the title character of The Snow Queen (雪の女王). Hm...it's such a classic story, I wonder if it's worth a look.

I'm a bit too used to hearing Okita Souji voiced by a female (I know it's stupid)...hearing Ishi-chan here is taking a little getting used to...

More reviews coming...and I'll hopefully get round to watching Charlie really soon!

edit: Just so I can comment on a couple of people...the Black Cat Cast:

福圓美里 / Fukuen Misato (Eve)
近藤隆 / Kondo Takashi (Train)
藤原啓治 / Fujiwara Keiji (Sven)

三木眞一郎 / Miki Shinichirou (Creed)
野上ゆかな / Nogami Yukana (Rinslet)
堀秀行 / Hori Hideyuki (Berze)
井上喜久子 / Kikuko Inuoe (Sephira - no.I)
櫻井孝宏 / Sakurai Takahiro (Jenos - no.VII)
石井康嗣 / Ishii Kouji (Berg J. Hard??)
田中敦子 / Tanaka Atsuko (Echidna)
斎賀みつき / Saiga Mitsuki (Lin Shaoli - no.X)

The three main characters had seiyuu unknown to me before I tried checking them up. Like I've mentioned before, Kondo-san actually voices a character in Sutepri that I really don't like, partially because of the character, and partially because of the way he was voiced. But I've heard him in one of the Black Cat dramas...and he isn't bad as Train - remembering what happened to me post-Gundam SEED, thank goodness I can't recognise him from Sutepri!

As for the more minor characters...MikiShin as Creed will be fun, and Saiga-san as Shaoli should be a joy to listen to (I've been meaning to say...she's excellent as Phantom in M.A.R., which I now watch for three characters and two seiyuu ^^). I don't particularly like Jenos, so I was a bit disappointed to see that he is being voiced by Sakupyon, whom I like...let's see if he can turn my view on the character around. Well, I'll have to get round to watching it first...
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