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First thoughts on the ROTK extended edition....

Well, it's taken me about a year to get around to watching this...if I'd been in Melbourne when it was released, it would have been unheard of...I've been busy, but more because I've been watching so much else that I just never found time to conclude a story that has taken up a large part of the last four years of my life.

- there's a drinking game! Scratch the dwarf-tossing, Gimli will never live THIS (loss) down!
- and Legolas was STILL able to stand watch after that!
- liked some of the additional Faramir scenes - that's more like the novel Faramir!
- you could say I've been corrupted...but the more footage they add, the more the story seems to support slash...urgh.
- breaking in the midst of the Minas Tirith battle is very disconcerting...


watching it on a small tv screen really doesn't work...
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