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New Layout (Hanakimi love)

I wasn't going to work on this image yet, since I already had two others in mind, but after the other journal received a face-lift, this one looked like it needed a revamp too. Maybe I should be waiting until I buy Photoshop and a mouse rather than struggling with Paint using just a 'touch-ball' (it's an old laptop)...but, it works. I will probably work on it a bit more when I finally upgrade, hopefully early next year.

And yes, Hanakimi is quite old now, having ended last year, but the art is still very pretty. ^^

Now, all I have to do is think of a caption for the icon...but my mind has gone blank for some reason.

edit (2005-11-29): it's a pity that LJ doesn't have a 'stretch' function for background images....that would be very useful. So that's why certain communities use the layout formats they do...I'll keep that in mind for next time....although it can only work with one of the layouts I'm thinking of...
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