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I feel so stupid...

From my first post:
Fai's seiyuu should be familiar to some - he's in BECK and in GANTZ...maybe I should start watching the BECK episodes I've collected so far!!

I just noticed on ANN that I have heard Namikawa Daisuke in something (besides the Parfait Tic drama cd which wasabi_fiend so kindly shared)...I was just watching Onegai Twins a couple of months back (or was it just a few weeks? I really can't remember...have seen way too much this past year!) and he's Maiku in that. I'm pretty certain the info on Namikawa-san wasn't this extensive last time I checked...but with that, I can probably imagine him a little better as Fai-san, although Maiku is still a much more serious character than Fai is most of the time!

Last night, I got my internet connection back after 2 whole days of having been disconnected. At first I thought it was my fault for downloading a bit too much...but it turns out that my entire block at college lost the connection. A few frayed nerves aside (not mine...I wasn't too fussed), I ended up finishing Uchuu no Stellvia because of that. It's been such a long time since I marathoned anything! The last series was RahXephon (and go figure...it took me 2 weeks to finally watch the movie once I got hold of it)...and similarly, I watched 10 episodes in a row whilst I was meant to be doing something else. Very much worth it though...
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