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Wai-con 2005

I'm late, isn't that a surprise?

Went to Wai-con last weekend, for the first and most probably the last time. Not that I didn't enjoy it, as much as one can as a spectator anyway, I just don't think I'll ever be in Perth when the con is on anymore...I'm meant to be living in Melbourne after all. ^^

Anyways, I'm tempted not to write this since a bit of surfing through my friends' journals led me to several much better con reports (although there's a much more in depth (and, to be honest, exciting) on on love_deeper from the Singapore convention held the same weekend. Now that's another con I have to get to one day...I don't know if I'll ever work up the courage (and the Japanese skills) needed to attend a Japanese one...but that's enough of a tangent...) written, as they should be, within hours of the events by rabid おたく, such as the following...

And can someone tell me what OMFGWTFORLY refers to?

If you can find one of the Bleach cosplayer's con reports, I'm sure it'll be much more interesting simply because of the lead-up to the con (basically, it involved lots of last minute sewing, wig-making through stressful, sleepless nights). But I'll leave that to them...yours truly got to Murdoch early on Saturday so that she could figure out what she wanted to over the two days. The Cosplay competition was at 2pm each day, and that's always one of the highlights, but there were several clashes I didn't particularly like, such as the choice between the GAINAX's おたくのビデオ and the Japanese streetwear panel...well, I figured I could read about the latter online.

A strange mixture of anime and live-action documentary, the Otaku no Video is perhaps more disconcerting than Genshiken to me, perhaps because I have several of the traits apparently characteristic of otaku (such as talking to oneself - although I maintain I do that much less than those people do). It is otherwise quite an amusing look into what really serious fans (of any genre/media) are like, and just as in any other field, some who pursue their interest to the extreme will be successful, although a large number would simply be dreaming (as is implied in the video). (Bottom line: you have to have good business sense.) To be honest, no one I know is quite that extreme...although I'm wondering if seeing that will stop the occasional fangirl within myself. ^^ One complaint I have is about the statistics presented in the video - it seems like they simply questioned 100 otaku...how representative is that, given that thousands attend the conventions in Japan. And the way they apparently stalked a RL otaku - that wasn't real, was it? Pretty unethical, if you ask me.

After that, I wandered outside the theater to look for my friends (and their friends)...who weren't there yet. They had a wig crisis that morning...although when they turned up, you wouldn't have known it, they looked as much like the characters as they could without having spent as much money as the producers of the Bleach Musical (I really need to watch those Soul Sonic clips!), and without barring themselves from roles simply because they were the wrong height/build etc (I mean, Rukia is less than 5 feet tall! a little OT...Ichigo is almost exactly my height...hm...nah, Bleach is being overdone.) and apart from a little problem with the zouri (草履). They won, after all *congrats to Shiro-chan, Renji, Momo-chan, Hanatarou and Rukia*.

Others for Saturday included an Inuyasha group (isn't this getting old by now...*sighs*), Auron from FFX, Mechazawa (see below) from Cromartie High School (Sakupyon!! I have to see this XD), Card Captor Sakura, Haruka and Kantarou, a cross-dressed Aerith, Vash, some other Bleachies (Gin, Aizen, Kenpachi, another Renji, Ukitate, Nanao (where's Shunsui!?!) and a lone Urahara), cross-dressed Galaxy Angels (two guys from Japan, believe it or not, cosplaying at an Australian convention...), Riza Hawkeye, Gaara (her art is excellent, btw), GoGo from Kill Bill, Yuna from FFX, Ash and Pikachi, Link from Zelda, Cloud (AC rather than the game) and er...with converse shoes, Lulu from FFX, Spike Spiegal and Faye Valentine, a Chobits group, Saki-chan, a Yuki fanclub member, Kamui, er...Vincent Valentine from his Turk days (IIRC, and someone I don't remember), Anna from Shaman King, and several other costumed people who didn't enter (including more Bleach characters). *whew*. Unfortunately, the lighting was terrible, and I didn't use flash much because I knew my batteries would soon die. Consequence: my photos are kinda blurry...

This was brilliant. I had to post it. All others will have to wait, including the ones from the photoshoot after the cosplay comp. After some shots on the lawn, we tried to go to the little Chinese garden, but it was closed off with the pond drained *d'oh!* so we settled for the bamboo grove. ...Bleach and bamboo grove...don't really match, but nevermind...

I was late on Sunday, decided to stay home a bit longer and finish something off (though what it was exactly I don't remember). Finally rushed off to be 10 minutes late for the Cosplay panel my friends were hosting (and being greeted as I walked in has me vowing to myself never to be late again), where I found I forgot my camera (dammit! I wanted to take a photo there). It was more like a Q&A session than the only other panel I remember ever going to...er...that panel at Manifest a few years ago (2002 I think it was), which was good in a way, because it gave the panel direction. (Perhaps they should have had a few other examples of cosplayers...though I wonder about the permissions they would probably have had to request to show the really good ones...) There are some pretty hard-core cosplayers in Perth, which is a good thing, really - makes conventions more interesting.

After that, I went home to get my camera...*cue endless swearing at self* even though I'm meant to be cutting back on the swearing...

And so the only session I really went to on Sunday was the cosplay competition, at 2pm again. This time, my friends' group had split into three (*looks at top picture above*: ZAFT (Shin and Rei), FFVII (Aerith, along with Yuffie and Tifa), and HoiHoi-san and Combat-san, although only the former participated)...and they all won something again. You know, you've all done the recent CE stuff so often now...doesn't it get tiring? Maa...it did make for an amusing (attempted) photo-shoot afterwards...^^. There was also a Chi, two more Uraharas, Kairi from KH, ♥Akabane♥Kurodo♥ from Get Backers (yes, I'm weird), one-half of Team Rocket, an excellent Duo (although the bangs were missing), a cross-dressed Garnet (yesterdays Aerith, complete with heels), a Battle Royale group, the Uchiha Kyoudai, Renoa, various KH characters, a cursed-seal Sasuke (chibi Sasuke, as she claims other con-goers later called her) who made her costume to go with her prop XD, a really good Ichigo, and finishing up with the mascots (who also appeared on Saturday) who were involved in a battle with the other conventions. The lighting was a bit better, but still...my batteries ran out even faster than on Saturday.

The photo shoot on Sunday was a bit less serious (to be expected really, given the characters my friends were cosplaying...and Duo is always on crack after all ^^ ♥s SekiToshi for the hell of it), and some of it was inspired by a fan-art of twinkl33's. *grins* She wasn't too happy about the requested shot.

Skipped the closing ceremony to make it home for dinner (which turned out to be an hour later in the end... *would have kicked brother, except that he's an excellent cook*), but if it was interesting, I guess I'll eventually read it in someone else's report. I'll have more pics (well, if I can find any non-blurry ones...) up soon...hopefully tomorrow when I head to uni again. It's pretty sad...it's the holidays, but I visit uni as often as I can. However, I'm not using the limited bw I have at my accommodation to upload pics and download most things on http...there are much more important things to save it for. ^^ And I should remember to go find some more too...shouldn't be too difficult tracing the links through some of my friends.

I love this soundtrack... *looks at clock in horror and wails* I was meant to clear out my audio files tonight...!!!
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