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Love the Christmas present LJ gave us...although, looking through the accounts that have been available, I kinda regret missing the Permanent account sale back in June. I wonder if they'll ever be on sale again...but if so, I'll have to make sure I have a job so that I won't feel guilty buying it.

I give up, I'm creating a Harry Potter tag...it just doesn't really belong under 'literature'...

Read an excellent HP fic yesterday - Redeeming Time by Minx. I don't recommend reading it if you're completely against slash (or HP slash, or non-canon pairings...you get the picture. edit: I should clarify...the fic is PG-rated, not R or NC-17), but the characterisation of the marauders in that fic (part of the Door to the River series) is brilliant. RT itself covers what happens to the four friends in the year after Sirius plays his 'trick' on Snape, and the dynamics of the group are pretty well captured...that is, if you subscribed to a certain couple. Looking at the amount of teasing Peter got, it's not difficult to imagine that that kind of treatment contributed to his later betrayal. However, one development doesn't follow, and I'm not even considering the 5th and 6th books (which pretty much debunk the pairing, IMO). If Sirius and Lupin were that close, then I seriously doubt the former would have suspected the latter of being the traitor, and I'm sure James wouldn't have been convinced either...something drastic would have had to happen...will Minx write it? Still, I like the reasoning for 'why James grew up'...and his characterisation, I can just imagine it. ^^

I am back in Melbourne now, having spent just 10 brief days in Perth (and pretty much not updating anything...something about me not having my own computer, and having to leave the internet to my brother and his WoW stints of up to 10 hours a day...it's a miracle I managed to reformat my HDDs and still make sure I had managed to keep everything on them. It didn't help that the home HDD is only 80GB as opposed to at least 200...) where I took the chance to catch up on a few series. I've been watching Saiyuki, which is relatively old, and it shows...and has quite a few changes from the manga IIRC, along with several fillers (*ugh*). (but seiyuu love!! ♥s SekiToshi again ^^ )

But most importantly, I saw six episodes of Black Cat, and found it more interesting than I'd feared when I'd heard about the changes. The script writers have vastly altered the manga plot, so much so that the dynamics of the trio when it finally forms (they'd better not make it a quartet! Rins works alone!) should be somewhat different than the manga, where Sven and Train are somewhat closer than Eve - i.e. they understand each other better, IMO. We also see a whole lot more of Saya in the beginning (to be honest, Train's past being somewhat of a mystery at first was a pretty big draw for me), and the early-anime Train should make his later behaviour rather strange. I wonder if they've pulled it off (I haven't gotten quite far enough in the anime yet). And the music...so far, I've liked it, but I wouldn't be surprised if quite a few people don't...it seems a little bit overbearing at times.

edit:Forgot to add some personal notes on Wai-con...didn't add them in the post itself because I was trying to appreciate the con for what it was. Here's just a few things that might need consideration in the next few years (along with the ban on volunteers competing, as I read at another journal).

Wai-con is more expensive than its Melbourne counterpart, and is currently still very much centered a relatively small Perth community. The 500 or so people (so I've been informed anyway) who turned up at the relevant buildings at Murdoch uni certainly didn't make much of a crowd, but I'm positive that the numbers will increase, this is only the second year, after all. The organisers might even want to consider restricting the tickets available eventually, depending on the venues they can get. Alternatively, they could upgrade to the larger convention venues (like the Perth Convention Centre) if the need arises, but I seriously doubt we'd get such numbers in Australia, they couldn't even justify it for Manifest this year, even though the numbers were around 2.5-3 thousand, I think.

And well, they acknowledged that Manifest is still the con to beat in Australia. My tips...to beat it, help the con grow, but don't let it get too big. Exclusivity may be good in a way.
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