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Forgot a couple of things...

make that three...

Parfait Tic has been picked up by Shoujo Magic, which is great since I really want to know everything the characters are saying (although, I suppose that I could laboriously translate up to 107 myself if I really wanted...). It'll take ages for them to get to the current spoilers I've read though...dammit Fuuko! Seriously, is choosing to go out with someone who isn't the person you love and hoping to fall in love with him again and so forget the other really the right thing to do? And to all who like Daiya, tell me, just what is admirable of a guy who decided that he 'wanted to steal Fuuko away from Ichi'?

I finished the last two volumes of Tokyo Babylon, with the Tokyopop translation, of all things. And, it was surprisingly good - they left the honourifics in (Subaru-kun, Sei-chan, Seishirou-san etc) and only one thing made me cringe - it was some translation which I don't remember now. I'm tempted to buy it...but then again, I intend to buy the Japanese version.

I've read four manga series in the past week...and I really can't be bothered reviewing them now. Maybe later today, after I've had some shut-eye.
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