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fandoms meme...

10. LOTR - I was one of the fans who constantly refreshed www.lordoftherings.net to hear the actors welcome me to the site. (try it - it still works...^^) I can even tell you who my favourites are...

9. I like Shaoran x Sakura. It's probably the only main het. pairing which is canon that I actually like.

8. Despite 9, there is a Sakura x Yue fic that I enjoyed.

7. I have been known to watch anime based on the seiyuu alone, even if the show is shite...

6. Even if I personally fangirl over something, I seldom do the same in a community discussion. It's...embarrassing...

5. After Sukisyo, I'm a convert. I'll listen to Ishida Akira in any role...well...maybe not in Titanic or Star Wars though...(i don't like watching shows dubbed in languages other than the original)

4. The real reasons I want to see the Goblet of Fire are...Bill and Charlie Weasley...

3. I dislike Kyou (in fact, I hate his type of character in general, especially since it's this type of character that most girls like), and I don't particularly like Tohru very much either. The only good thing about it is...Tohru x Kyou really doesn't bother me... This leads on to...

2. I used to not like Daiya very much either (although I have a valid reason for this, honest)...until Margaret released a drama cd with some Parfait Tic tracks (thank you wasabi~)...I love it when SuzuKen does that kind of character...(well, Daiya as he was in the first few volumes)...Kakeru is currently my favourite Furuba character after all...

(and after 106, I'm annoyed at Ichi again)

and my no.1 fandom shame is here.

what else...? hm...kinda wanted to add that I'm a bit of a closet Star Wars fan - used to collect the fact files, but that ended because of Anakin's death...(plus the fact that I went on exchange).
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