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Ouran Koukou's cast...

Haruhi... Sakamoto Maaya
Kaoru... Fujita Yoshinori
Hikaru... Suzumura Ken'ichi
Mori... Kirii Daisuke
Honey... Saitou Ayaka
Kyouya... Matsukaze Masaya
Tamaki... Miyano Mamoru

Many thanks to Elina on Rosetta Stone Cafe.

Almost everyone from the drama cds are gone. I guess most people expected that Honey sempai wouldn't be back because Ohtani-san is on maternity leave (congratulations to her!!), but losing Hisakawa Aya, Pikarin and Jun Jun, and for some people who have relatively little experience... I wouldn't even have minded had Hoshi returned, since I really like the twins - hearing SuzuKen as Hikaru instead of Kaoru is going to be a bit strange. Well, I'll see (hear) what they manage with this in April, but if this means any more drama cds will have the anime cast...*tears*

*remembers when she first heard the original D.N.Angel drama cds and wished they'd retained the drama Dark for the anime...*

and goes off to read Bleach 211...^^
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