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Oscar nods

The nominations for the 78th Annual Academy Awards were announced on January 31st. No surprises apparently. But I'll have to comment later - it's lunch time.

For the record, the full list is available here, listed in alphabetical order of awards.

Brokeback Mountain
Good Night, and Good Luck

Ang Lee
Bennett Miller
Paul Haggis
George Clooney
Steven Spielberg
(NB: for each of the five picture nominees)

Philip Seymour Hoffman - CAPOTE
Joaquin Phoenix - WALK THE LINE
David Strathairn - GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK

Supporting Actor
George Clooney - SYRIANA

Keira Knightley - PRIDE & PREJUDICE

Supporting Actress
Michelle Williams - BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN

With actors I'm not interested in cut out... Also, I refuse to link to all those films.

The Straits Times (Singapore) mentioned that this was the first time in 25 years that the same five films were named in both Picture and Director categories. Back in 1981, Chariots of Fire took the former, whilst Warren Beatty was named for directing Reds. If the Awards season for 2006 so far is anything to go by, then it won't be split this time, with Brokeback probably taking both, but...a lot can happen in 31 days.

The word is that this is turning out to be the 'politically correct' year, which has resulted in blockbusters (eg. King Kong) being overlooked particularly for superior acting performances to some of those named above *coughKeiraKnightleycough*. (I mean, why P&P? Edit (2006-02-22): If it were for Domino I think I'd understand, but that's not even out yet, is it? Scratch that, I finally found the 2006 Film Review special and actually read something about that dud...meh (/edit)) The Supporting Actress category is more promising, but it only shows just how few meaty female roles are being written.

And on to something that has often puzzled me - who decides if a role is supporting or main? Surely Jake Gyllenhaal's Jack would be as much a main as Ledger's Ennis! (although, I haven't seen/read Brokeback, so I wouldn't know...) This reminds of the time Judi Dench was nominated and won for a ten-minute appearance in Shakespeare in Love. It appears that they'll have a long way to go to do something about this.

Out of all the films above, I have only seen two (GN&GL - I'll have to remember to review it - and The Constant Garderner), so I can't really look at this based on merit. However, I though Rachel Weisz was very convincing in her role - she's really overturned my earlier impressions of her that resulted from The Mummy franchise. As for George Clooney, it seems like leaving ER really was the best thing he could have done - Directing has paid off for him, I'm glad he's made so many memorable films in recent years.

And finally, Animated Feature
As expected, Howl's Moving Castle was named, along with Tim Burton's Corpse Bride and Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit. I would like Howl's to win, but I've heard that W&G is really good as well...don't know if I want to see the latter though.
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