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but am sooooo reluctant to fork out the money for it...

Obata Takeshi is finally releasing a Death Note artbook (blanc et noir), but more importantly, a
is being released in May, with the pre-order (obligatory) deadline on February 21!!! That's just 16 DAYS away!

As for what's in it...
blanc et noir special version
A diorama with Light, L and Misa
Scaled shinigami figures
A pendant
A sticker set(?)
but most importantly
SIX B4-size colour illustrations
SIX B4-size monochrome illustrations!!!

The cost...18,900 yen...

It's available in Singapore through Kinokuniya for $400, and will probably be availble through the Australian store as well...at any rate, I don't have enough time to place an order at the Singapore store anymore (maybe that's why I didn't look at it online until this morning)...could I ever justify the cost?

Oh yes, and my computer won't be ready for another 2 weeks...which means I'll have to hope someone will be heading to Melbourne and beg him/her to carry it for me...*sighs*
Tags: (merchandise), manga: brief thoughts

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