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Taken from Moonphase...

Tsubasa Chronicle

   Touya: Miki Shinichirou (I recognise the kanji this time)
   Yukito: Miyata Kouki
   Fei Wong: Nakata Kazuhiro
   (Seika/Seiho - I used this site for romaji): Kobayashi Sanae
   Yuuko: Oohara Sayaka
   Tomoyo: Sakamoto Maaya
   Souma: Kaida Yuuko
   Chi: Nazuka Kaori
(news and transcription first spotted by me on chibiyuuto's lj)

I guess I'm used to not having the original seiyuu characters by now...but Miki Shinichirou as Touya??? Somehow, Seki Tomokazu (関智一) just owns that role for me...even if I'm not a huge fan of his. Now I'll just have to wait for the show to be released...and chances are, it'll be licensed before it even starts.

What really got me...hoping for the best (to put it nicely) was this...


   Ginta: Kumai Motoko
   Babbo : Ginga Banjou
   Snow: Shimizu Ai
   Alviss: Hoshi Souichirou (recognise this one too...)

Firstly, I'll note the Kumai Motoko is Syaoran's seiyuu in CCS - she also did Koganei in Flame of Recca. Whilst Ginta is a bit too hyper for me to really like him as a character, she should be good. But for Alviss...I almost died when I first saw it...that's what caused me to write this up in the first place and spending half an hour romanizing all the seiyuu names...but that half hour has let me calm down and be a bit more rational.

Hoshi-san is great for most of his roles (I liked him as Akira in SDK...about the only thing I like about SDK was all the seiyuu to recognise - that was kinda fun)...but just one was able to make me hate listening to him in certain roles. That one was as Kira in Gundam SEED...and it was just one episode too (ep.46)...most people who've seen it should know why. Tokyo Underground made it worse... Come to think of it, the first time I ever saw some of Saiyuki, I didn't like him as Goku either (didn't know it was Hoshi-san then though)...but I think that one's fine now... Since Alviss isn't similar to that type of role (at least to me...he's a bit more like Akira actually), it probably won't be as bad as I feared initially...but only time will tell...

Apologies to Hoshi-san (and to his fans) though...I can't help my reaction...

I'm never going to get round to posting something sensible, am I?

edit: Forget it...I give up trying to format this stupid post. Internet Explorer and Firefox are incompatible!!!!!!!!!
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