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Death Note movies

I haven't been caring...I think that upcoming merchandise is having an effect on me.

Staff and Primary actors:
Directed by: Shusuke Kaneko
- Yagami Light: Fujiwara Tatsuya
- L: Matsuyama Kenichi (need confirmation)

Hm...Fujiwara-san should be familiar to anyone who's been following Japanese films for a few years (well...officially, at least 5, but the important film wasn't released in the West until about 2002, IIRC), and Matsuyama-san should be familiar to followers of Nana (although SC showed me some images, I just don't recognise him...).

Credit: this fansite, which is quite quite impressive...it even gives some pointers on how to order the Death Box - I can only hope that the price is accurate! If so, ¥18,900 + ¥1,500 would equate to approximately 230 AUD...something I would spend especially considering that the artbook itself would set me back by roughly $70. Hm...but I think the ¥1,500 might refer to something else. Will have to check.


The Winter Games begins today!!