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Shopping in Singapore

I tried not to spend so much this trip...meaning I cut down on the amount of manga I bought (Ouran was very, very tempting!), but that's probably ok, because I now have an amazon.co.jp account...although, I can't afford to use it much for a while...

- GSD mini-metallic portraits
- Nojima Kenji Collection (portraits)
- Bleach mini-portraits - the full set of 8
- Summon Night ex-these portrait collection (prettiest of the lot this time. pic taken from animate.co.jp)

Unfortunately, I missed out on a Yoshitsuneki portrait - Obata-sensei is too popular!

- Fruits Basket 15-19
- Tsubasa RC 11-12 (Ashura is very pretty ^^)
- Fullmetal Alchemist Anime Artbook 3 (which I cannot flip through yet ;_;)
- tactics Illustration Works
- X illustrated collection 2 ~infinity~
- Harukanaru Tokinonakade 3 Visualbook

The last one has lots and lots of text! But...the characters look very very interesting - more so than HaruToki 2 *dislikes that series for several reasons* - although I am downloading those 'special endings' ^^. But I can't decide...I'll need to listen to the drama cd XD. As for infinity, I wish it'd been released in hardcover - there's no way I'm buying the 'new version' of zero - there's nothing new in it! X is possibly the only CLAMP series where you see Mokona's(?) art evolving, and most of the pieces I like have ended up in this second artbook. However, as ozaka_tomoe so painstakingly (*bows*) took the time to find back in December, there are still 28 images not to be found in either artbook.

I might eventually scan a few of the portraits if I have the time - but that probably won't be for ages. I also bought a KKM diary refill - not exactly something I'm following, but it's kinda cute. I'm going to have to think carefully about what I want next time.

I was also finally able to collect my The Art of The Return of the King (dammit! there's a small tear on the cover!), which I'd decided not to carry back in July. Come to think of it, I never really looked at my trip in July...ah well.
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