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Nana's cast: I'm so glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read this...

ナナ (Nana)・・・朴路美 (Paku Romi)
奈々 (Hachi)・・・KAORI
ヤス (Yasu)・・・川原慶久 (Kawahara Yoshihisa)
ノブ (Nobu)・・・関智一 (Seki Tomokazu)
シン (Shin)・・・石田彰 (Ishida Akira)
タクミ (Takumi)・・・森川智之 (Morikawa Toshiyuki)

レン・・・木内秀信 (Kiuchi Hidenobu)
レイラ・・・平野綾 (Hirano Aya)

*is in a state of shock*


I can't absorb this...I never tried guessing who'd play which character, but I certainly wouldn't have picked SekiTomo and Ishitan for those parts...heavens... And Morimori is there too...@_@...and 'Ed' = 'Nana'...(I know she has a variety of voices, but if Nana sounds anything like Ed, I'll die...)

Spotted at nanya-hime's journal, and confirmed at various sources...

The anime debuts on April 5th.

Edit: upon reflection (on Takumi's character anyway), Morimori seems to fit. Other seiyuu that are coming to mind (Okki, MikiShin etc) aren't working for me...but the others are still @_@...although being seiyuu, their task is to pull it off. ~_~ *thinks for a moment*...how many eps will I have to watch to hear all of the above?
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