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The 78th Annual Academy Awards...*yawn*

That was a surprise.

Must admit, I wasn't really paying attention for most of it - I found out that one of my friends whom I didn't even know was in Melbourne (I'm going to have to kill k-chan) was leaving today - we spent about an hour talking since we'd simply run out of time to meet - but some parts were entertaining, some awards were expected, and some were rather surprising.

I'm lazy, here's a link. The official site, of course, lists it as well, and amongst the other nominees.

Not that I would have been gasping as the major upset was announced as I stupidly visited The Age website for general news and had the Picture and Actress winners spoilt for me. Rachel Weisz won for Supporting, so that made me quite happy.

But I was stunned when I read that Crash had won ahead of Brokeback Mountain, largely because the latter had been winning at just about all of the other awards. I haven't seen either, but I'm wondering just what it is that influences Academy voters. Given that Crash is about different races and the misinterpretations that might arise out of different cultural understandings (at least, that what it seems to be about, from a brief look at the sypnosis) and Brokeback is about how a social taboo (regarding homosexuality, in this case), might aging American filmmakers (cos that's who is in the AMPAS) be thinking that the former issue is much more important today? Or is the conservative, heavily religious values that still dominate the US that influenced the choices of Academy voters? Personally, I think it might well be the latter, no matter what Jon Stewart (and George Clooney in his acceptance speech) said about film makers always being ready to challenge the status quo.

For the repurcussions, check Oscarwatch in general, and see this decision.

Also, I'm liking George Clooney more each time I see/hear him (or about what he does). He won Best Supporting Actor for Syriana but it was what he said on the red carpet that stuck in my mind. When asked which award he would like best to win (having been nominated for a grand total of three), he quipped 'Cinematography'. 'But you're not even nominated for that.' 'That's the thing. I'd like to see the looks on everyone's faces (when someone who's not even nominated wins).' It's nice when filmmakers like the lighter side of things...

On another note - I'm really liking the recent 'saved draft' LJ function. I would have lost most of the above otherwise...
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