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I haven't used this for ages...interesting. I quite like it. Can change the text colour much more easily now.And there are buttons to add lj-cuts
(although it's annoying me that I can't yet figure out how to remove the break before and after the cut-link, or return the text to it's normal page colour) and lj-users. Along with strike-throughs

    • bullets and

Yup. I think I'll probably start using this again. Typing out all that html is tiring, although...I did learn a lot.

So that this isn't entirely pointless, here are a couple of the best fics I've read, ever.
    • Be All My Secrets Remembered, MWPP era (that stands for Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs, for those who don't know).
    • Shifts, and its sequel, Shades, which are both still mostly HP canon. It's about Remus and Tonks (and those around them) through Harry's fifth and now sixth years at Hogwarts.
Warnings: the first has a homosexual relationship, both are novel-length, and...both are incomplete as of now, although they are still being worked on. All up...this is perhaps cruel of me...they're better than JKR's writing.

edit: and you can edit it in rich-text too! and still see the source code if you so choose! *likes it a lot* ^^ 
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