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Happy April Fool's Day, people!

To those in the fandom, go to the major BT sites you use today (hopefully you know the best one for English speakers...), it's great.

Oh, and happy birthday to Fred and George of course ^^.

I've lots of reviews to write (something like 7, last I counted) and a short story to add to that pile too...but too much homework to do first. I'll see if I can chip away at it within the next two weeks before I add the ever growing backlog of manga and anime to my 'to do' list...


but before that...the fact that it's portrait season again - metallic portrait season, to be exact - makes me very very happy. ^_______^

Trinity Blood

Zombie Loan

Switch - though I wish they'd choose some prettier pictures...

Nabari no Ou - and the one on the left is my favourite of this lot, although the 2nd Trinity Blood one is...hm...delicious too. ^^;

And finally, whilst the show is pathetic, even with all those wonderful seiyuu, the Hachiyou Shou as adorable as chibis, especially Yorihisa and Yasuaki.

all taken from the animate.co.jp website.


Oh yeah...and I decided to change my layout again. Didn't really have time to work on the ones I had in mind (nor does it look like I will be able to anytime soon), but I found a pic I could use untouched. The artist - Hyung-Tae Kim (official fansite here) - produces some of my favourite game art, and here's the fansite I found the image on.
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