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The new 'Queen of Blades' (post relocated)

Come to think of it, why in the world did I post a review on a journal that's not for reviews? It's the holidays...and I'm not thinking... Anyways, all the relatively irrelevant stuff (i.e. RL) is posted at that journal.


As some of you might already know, my new computer's here, finally, and I've supposedly been 'playing' with it the last two weeks or thereabouts. Not quite true...I haven't even installed any codecs on it. Nor have I used the burner...but I will have to, soon.

Anyways, specs-wise: I've now got a Compaq V2000, with the following

Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.70GHz
8280 1FB/FBM USB2 (three slots)
Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC
Inter(R) PRO/Wireless 2200 BG Network Connection
Matshita DVD +/-RW
14.1" widescreen LCD

I'm pretty certain the HDD was meant to be 80GB, but I already have 450 extra GB of storage, so it probably doesn't matter. I'm exceedingly happy to have high-speed USB ports and the DVD burner - the worst thing about my brother's machine is that it has not just one, but three USB1.1 ports! Now I can probably stream stuff from the externals instead of copying them over, but since all those HDDs are compressed, I'll probably stick to copying. From usage, I think my batteries last around fours hours, which isn't fantastic, but still better than the three hours the Toshiba grants. At any rate, I'm never too far from a power source, except when I'm flying, and I generally don't use laptops then.

The OS is Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2. Unfortunately, they didn't format two partitions for me...and I'm loathe to do that myself atm because I don't want to use my internet connection to redownload all those updates again (Dad updated everything in Singapore). Will have to go home in the middle of the year. But if I find time to look into it, I should be able to boot a Linux OS from a CD/DVD, if I'm not mistaken.

I really like widescreen - if I arrange my applications properly, I can easily work on two documents side-by-side. It's the only thing that's preventing me from regretting not going for the notebook with the 12.1" screen instead, as that would have taken a kilo off the weight I've started carrying to and from uni almost every day. (Well, besides the fact that I really needed a DVD R/RW - that option didn't have one.) And well...now I have to look for new wallpapers...or modify the ones I've got. It's a real pity that livejournals settings for backgrounds aren't great, I'm struggling to produce a layout that looks nice on all the computer screens I have to use. Not that I'm trying all that hard anymore though. Other than that, I'd like to know whether my screen is BrightView or not, nothing I've looked at (written or as recorded in the machine itself) tells me - does anyone know how to check? (On another note, I'm still trying to figure out how to change the brightness of the screen. The usual Fn and up and down keys aren't doing anything.)

The keyboard is alright. This reviewer praised it for being relatively quiet, but to be honest, it seems to be the noisiest one I've had, including the one that I sold to a college friend before I left (my brother got the tower, aihre the speakers (eventually) and that friend got everything else) though my memory may be faulty. The Toshiba I've been using however, is very very quiet - whether that's an inherent quality or if it's because of age I don't know, but I'll miss it. But the continual sticking of the Ctrl key is something I'm very glad to be rid of (touch wood).

Compared to what I've been living with for the last 2 years, this is probably as good as I could wish for without having to spend an arm and a leg. It's not for gaming - not that I care, I'm not meant to be using this for gaming, and besides, Alienware desktops are for gaming - but it would probably let me play WoW quite easily if my brother managed to convince me to join the party (and trust me, that won't happen for a long time yet).
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