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Spring season, and recent manga chapters

karice really isn't up for studying - or anything, for that matter - atm, so she's goind to spam for a little while. I've grabbed the first episodes of five anime (plus the second of my favourite), and watched them over the last two weeks, along with GSD Final Plus and the movie OVAs of the first Gundam series (had to return a DVD I'd had for about 10 weeks).

So yes, brief thoughts on a tiny part of the Spring season, 2006:


Gakuen Heaven 01. An anime based on a very very very popular BL game, the only reason I caught this episode was to listen to the multitudes of famous seiyuu that voice the characters.  Among them, briefly, Fukuyama Jun, Sakurai Takahiro, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Miki Shinichirou, Okiayu Ryoutarou, Suzumura Kenichi...I wanted to see what Sakurai's character was like, and well, one episode was enough for me. Although I am quite curious about the story, there's no way I'm going to sit through 12/13 eps of this, not when I laugh every time someone says 'BL Academy' (Bell Liberty) and especially not because some of those characters are just sooooo cliched! But it's actually quite a good adaptation so far, by all accounts. The art is very very loyal to the game - much better than some others I could name, and some game fans are happy with the ending they're going for. Meh...I might follow it on LJ, but I won't have time or bandwidth for this.


Princess Princess 01. Back when I first heard about this series, which is set in an all-boys school, I found the concept stupid, if amusing. And the first episode is stupid but amusing. I really like the faces some of the characters pull, and Paku Romi's character so far, but the art and the colour scheme could be improved. The hair colours are almost fluorescent, and that just looks way too strange for me (hey, I was shocked at Black Cat too, when I realised that Sven had green hair, and Rinslet pink)...and Mikoto and Sakamoto...ergh. Once I find time, I'll post comparisons to the manga...not that no one else hasn't already, I just want to. And the sub I got wasn't great...so yes, it's gone, and I'm dropping it, at least for now.


xxxHolic 01. Er...I was quite shocked when I watched this today. The characters are quite true to their manga versions I think (haven't actually been following it too closely), but some parts of the story have already been ******, at least in my memory. Maybe I need to read it again first. I'm not sure if it's worth continuing, but will see.


NANA 01. Ah yes, the series that had me cracking for no good reason - i.e. the fact that Paku Romi voices Nana (not Hachi, other Nana - what's her surname again?). She. Sounds. Just. Like. Ed. No joke. I let a friend of mine listen to one line, picked at random, and she agreed immediately, even though she didn't follow Hagaren all that closely. To me, the art is an improvement on the manga. Although I like Yazawa Ai's coloured art sometimes, because of its style, plain B&W doesn't look quite as good. This first ep. follows the manga pretty much exactly, I think, which I'm quite fine with, even though there are no particular manga parts I'm looking forward to (usually, that would be why I prefer an anime to stick to the manga). And well, most of the interesting characters have not showed up yet, so yes, next episode please ^^.


Ouran Koukou Host Club 01 and 02. The series I've been looking forward to since December last year I think it was. Even when I found out they'd completely changed the seiyuu, I still wanted to see these characters animated, especially the twins, and Kyouya ^^. These first two episodes don't disappoint - I think I've seen the first ep three times through now, and it still makes me grin! The seiyuu changes are...pretty good so far, Miyano Mamoru does fairly well making Tamaki the queen of melodrama (even if he's calling himself the 'father' of the Host Club family), and Fujita Yoshinori sounds perfect as Kaoru in one particular situation XD, although the jury's still out for Suzuken's Hikaru in his response to that - it just wasn't quite how I wanted it to be (although I don't remember how it was in the drama cd because I actually find it difficult to listen to them there, much as I like their characters - Kira x Shinn kills me...and speaking of GSD, Luna's there too)... I'm going to pull the drama cds out for listening again I think...


As for the manga from the last two months: guess who's appeared in Tsubasa RESERVoiR CHRoNiCLE? Now all we're waiting for is Subaru and Hokuto!; Bleach has meandered along as usual, but at least we now have a time frame (in-story wise) for the rest of the plot to play out; and Furuba...what can I say? I really really wish there'll be a drama cd with Black Yuki!


And now, I disappear again. I really shouldn't have spent an hour doing this...
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