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20 minute spam

Despite the mountains of work hanging like an axe over her head, karice is on a huge high atm. Why? Well, a certain box arrived yesterday a whole three weeks ahead of schedule. Given my previous experience ordering from amazon.com, I can't say I'm all that surprised that amazon.co.jp similarly exaggerates their estimated delivery time (and amazon.co.uk comes to mind as a slow one...a UK aquaintance once related a tale of a DVD order that didn't show up for two weeks, to the company's eventual chagrin). But I like it this way, it means that I'm always pleasantly surprised when whatever I order, seldom though it may be, arrives. 

The DEATH BOX is huge - and heavy too, largely due to the skull that must weigh a kilo, at least. I'm going to have lots of fun trying to get it home on the plane - that's if I even get to go home come winter, given my timetable this year (I can assure you, it's the worst I've had in years). Opening it can be a challenge - there's velcro on the interior of the box, and it makes opening it seem like something will be ripped off any time. I didn't bother looking at the diorama - pretty much moved on straight to the artbook. blanc et noir is my new precious, even if there weren't as many pictures in it as I'd hoped (I have to go and check them off against everything's that's been released in Jump). The cover is black with some patterns etched on it, and some of the paper on which the art is printed...there are SPARKLES! and also some of it is like portrait paper! (I think the paper of the Kyo and Yuki Furuba portraits is possibly the closest, although it's similar to the texture of the Hikaru no Go ones as well). And I would almost say that the additional Hikaru no Go art is almost worth the price of the artbook alone! Especially since I wanted to see more pictures of Hikaru and Akari together (I've never been a fan of Hikaru x Akira...ugh). The 12 B4 prints don't include that really nice Yoshitsune-ki piece that I wasn't able to get as a portrait (or have not yet been able to get, rather - I'll get it if I have to bend myself over backwards to do so), but they're. still. very. pretty. There's no way on earth I'll be scanning any of it, but I will somehow find time to get photos (or find scans ^^) of it! 

And thus ends my spammage, for now. 

(and yes, a couple of things about IE are really irritating the hell out of me atm. I'm never using it to update LJ again.)
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