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Death Note, Nana and Puri Puri

Death Note's really big atm, even if the manga's ending soon, there're two movies coming out, the artbook just came out on Tuesday, and there's AN ANIME DUE IN FALL! I remember trying to pick seiyuu some time ago, after I'd learned that certain characters appeared in FMP: TSR, but couldn't. I think nanya has hit the nail right on the head though - Sakurai would be perfect as Light! (though, given the volatility of the seiyuu world, I really doubt we'd be so lucky). L is still problematic. But that's besides the point, I'm still getting over 'movie issues', so to speak. 

I think L looks pretty good (i.e. accurate): 

Light, on the other hand...

I guess Fujiwara-san looks like some of the earlier pics (try the first chapter - I can't be bothered getting the pic edited) but...I still have my reservations. 

The main cast:


Nana movie pictures: he looks great as L in DN, but he's way too old for Shin!! Will have to wait til the next one though, Shin doesn't really become interesting until later in the story.

Thought Yasu was perfect though, even in the way he stands! 


karice has problems with the Puri Puri anime for the following reasons: 

Guess who (I can't be bothered editing them to the same size, so sue me): 

Not the best picture I could have chosen of Sakamoto, but seriously, if you look through the manga...I mean, whaa...?? (Change their eyes back, dammit!!)


All done, until Ouran screenshots need to be taken!
(episode 5!!!!!!!!)
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