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Death Note spoiler (spam)

As expected, Light went mad. The power and the thrill of his confrontation with and victory over L really went to his head. It reminds me too much of Gundam SEED Destiny, the meanings that the reader is positioned to make...but in the current world - in any world, any era - there could be no other ending. In all honesty, condoning the world Light was trying to make (and succeeding) is too dangerous, even if going against convention and having the villain win would have been quite entertaining too. I'm kinda sad that Mello was the one that kicked the bucket, but I guess it makes sense given his and Near's characters.

Death Note is one of the most difficult manga I've ever tried to read...so much text (*bows to the translators*), and at times so confusing, especially when one speed reads! The anime will be a challenge I think, given the amount of internal narration, and by so many characters. Will they change it as much as Black Cat was changed?

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