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Something like 5 assessments to work on, plus an extra project...

but I need this.

Two manga I've followed intermittently over the past couple of years have now ended (although, technically, DN finishes NEXT week). I haven't seen DN's scans for the last 4 chapters yet, so I'll leave it. But mmm...SAMURAI DEEPER KYO.

Of course Kyo didn't die...although the unexplained three year break is just...strange (*still dislikes Yuya, so meh about that pairing*). Hotaru is still as clueless and...even prettier than before (yes, I'll say that about a guy) and he's still my absolute favourite character, even if Shinrei beat him by four votes (those two brothers are just hilarious together ^^), and speaking of Shinrei - glasses suit him! or should we say, they make him look a teeny bit more intelligent XD, helped by the fact that his main source of irritation has lost himself in China!! And lil' Sasuke is all grown-up...almost (I can only hope his voice matured a little too, if they ever decide to make a drama cd with 'what happens next'!  (no need to change the seiyuu, just use a different voice, please, Ishitan!) and of course, Yukimura hasn't changed a bit! But this was what I loved most... yes Akira, Tokito tailing you is just 'creepy'!! Like you didn't see that coming! XDD


And on to Ouran Koukou Host Club - I wish I'd never learnt how to make screencaps!

Different though it is from the manga, this addtion just worked so well!

Kyouya, with the best information network around....

k, this one I don't get, but Hani is too cute!


Mori blushed!

And of course, Tama-chan had to be hit on the head with a hammer XD

Because, even though I find the other episodes way more amusing, I really like twins-centric stuff ^^

Angry Haruhi is LOVE! (although, there's a particular shot in the manga that was oh soooo cute!)

Of course, everyone was slow to catch on, including know-it-all Kyouya?!?

hm...don't they change the parting as well? *needs to dig manga out again*

And, seriously, with regards to this little piece of information...

That wasn't in the script now, was it? Maybe Kaoru really is the evil one XD

but altogether again now:

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