k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Death by chocolate

.hack//ROOTS was licensed. D'oh. Now I'll probably have to wait months to finish it. Well, maybe. I need to find another series (anime or otherwise) with Sakurai-san in it then. And with GH ended, I need another series with Kamiyan too...maybe I'll watch FSN.

Bleach chapter today/yesterday was nice (yay for Shiro-chan)...next week's had better be even more so!!  Another bankai please!

And Pirates of the Caribbean! Johnny Depp is just brilliant in that! (No comments on the others...) Wish the third movie were already out!! XD

er...I'll get reviews up one day...as well as the holiday stuff over at the other place...
Tags: (ani-manga-drama news), (film), seiyuu: hiroc, seiyuu: sakku

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