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I want to be vague

Everyone is free...and I mean EVERYONE. My question is...is he still going to tell her anyway, even if it doesn't matter anymore? Is that even possible? *sighs* it's somehow unsatisfying if he cannot, because the decisions was already made. And resolve HarixMayu, please!

I've been busy recently...watching a whole bevy of series, reading a whole lot of manga, trying to finish a book which has so far taken about 3 weeks and working at uni. I'm glad that several series from the spring season have ended, though I've yet to finish watching Haruhi. As for j-dramas...I've succumbed to a few. Or rather, I've seen two and am planning to watch another two, one which I'll have to find first. ^^; k_chan009, I blame you.

The last few episodes of NANA reminded me why I dislike Hachi's side of the story...she's too superficial and annoying in many ways. I'm glad Shoji and Sachiko will pretty much be disappearing soon though - I would hate to be Kyosuke or Junko, because that kind of behaviour is something I would find very difficult to forgive, whatever the circumstances. Still, the way Shin nonchalantly talks about what he does to support himself makes me laugh (wai~ Ishitan XD) even though his situation is rather...rough. Anyways, I wish Aizawa-sensei would move the story along a bit more quickly...I prefer to find out more about the members of Blast and Trapnest...and I'm hoping it wraps up soon.

edit: Sakurai Takahiro sounds HOT on the HaruToki movie trailer. (link) Pity about the series. 
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