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And with that post out of the way...

Furuba should have just one chapter left. Everyone's talking about the long-awaited chapter 130...it's the chapter where everyone is freed. And...we still don't know what triggered the release of Kureno, Momoji and Hiro...even though the previous chapter had an after-statement with something like "when someone who wasn't meant to be loved is loved" (I'm going from memory, since I can't access the chapter atm), that's meant to be an addition by the editor, and it frankly doesn't fit with the release of Kureno or Hiro, at least, not really. I'm inclined to think that there was no pattern - after all that speculation, it just wasn't important, and it certainly wasn't important for the order of release in chapter 130.

The order - or so it would seem, since they were probably all released at around the same time, with two exceptions - was Kyou, Ayame, Ritsu, Kisa, Kagura, Rin and Haru, Hatori, Shigure and finally Yuki. Most fans on FG are claiming that Kyou was the trigger for this final release, with the resolution of the feelings between him and Tohru being the determining factor, but, looking at the scans, that doesn't seem quite right. I believe that Akito released them, though I'm not too sure about the curse itself weakened enough for Kyou to slip out first, given that the timing seems a little bit too perfect. But chapter 130 clearly shows Akito making the decision to let it all go, to farewell all of the Jyuunishi, to begin living as a human being. And Yuki is clearly the last. Whilst Yuki is compassionate, and clearly didn't completely turn his back on Akito even though he clearly made a decision to live his own life, surely that didn't warrant those final words (君が最後 だね; 遠い遠い 約束を 守ってくれて    ありがとう). What exactly is the role of the mouse/rat amongst the Chinese zodiac?

Anyways, just six days or thereabouts, and another series will be over. Will Takaya-sensei give us a sweet epilogue?

Speaking of epilogues, the SDK one is pretty cute. No real dialogue, Hotaru being his usual amusing self, literally looking EVERYWHERE for Kyo, Tokito still hanging around Akira, who gets trashed by Kyo yet again, Yukimura his old charming self, despite his age, and Sasuke...mmm...


And finally, Ishida Akira has gone blond @_@...


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Aug. 1st, 2006 06:16 am (UTC)
You have no idea how much i wanted to laugh out loud in the library. Dork x blond = disaster for an8id. XDDD Anyway, speaking of amusing, i went through my weiss concert clips and i nearly died when i got to yuki hiro! He's like the gayest old jiji i have ever seen! The fact that he was wearing really short pants, having long blond hair and has a voice like a girl didn't help at all. My throat got worse from laughing (till i was hoarse).
Aug. 3rd, 2006 08:58 am (UTC)
I've never understood why people dye their hair in the first place - although a few streaks of colour can be nice...and Yuki Hiro scares me, he's one of the reasons I don't follow Weiss ^^::
Aug. 5th, 2006 08:34 am (UTC)
btw, would you rather different series are burnt onto different DVDs? And would you like the FMA extras burnt as well? (...although...they're not quite all released yet...which of them do you have? (Reflections (a summary of the series), kids ova (mine is subbed in spanish I think), live-action (raw) - I know you've got the other two)
Aug. 5th, 2006 11:17 am (UTC)
there's 4 ovas for FMA, right? I have the chibi ova and the alchemist vs homunculus ova. That's about all i have. I don't mind if you burn them animes and extras together if they can fit into one disc.

And yeah, yuki hiro scares me too. I was actually going to download the weiss concert but now come to think of it, i better not. It's too scary when you think about hiro yuki.

By the way, i found a fantastic site for anime downloads. The links are oxyshare and i tried downloading from a few and the speeds are not bad. Faster than megaupload. I don't know about their own direct download links though. I haven't tried those yet. They have xxxholic, ouran and mangas as well. Most of them oxyshare.

( 4 writings — write me? )