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More file-sharing news...

Saw this on The Age website:
I know I shouldn't be posting the entire article, so I'll be editing it out in a few days.

ISP raided over file swapping
Perth, March 11, 2005

I can't believe this took place in Perth - I would have thought an Eastern States ISP would have been the first targeted...I guess the issue is that the internet is global. But I wonder at the legality of attacking the ISP - it's not exactly their fault that their users are using Bit Torrent to share files, is it? I know that providers can choke BT (not sure how they do it, but I'm positive BT has been choked where I am) but, given that there is a certain, probably limited, amount of legitimate sharing which relies on torrent software, it seems to be a matter of choking the more honest internet users - after all, as long as people wish to get things for as little cost to their person as possible, someone will keep coming up with new P2P software, which will probably be used for piracy purposes right from the word go anyway...

So, file-sharing is in trouble. Oh, and AonE has stopped subbing Gundam SEED Destiny. Definitely. I'll react...eventually...
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