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Tsubasa 125: Scans here, and translation here.

What's been happening in Tsubasa the last two volumes has been intense, very intense. But this chapter had my head spinning. Kurogane was willing to go THAT far? That was a very heavy price, Yuuko...

  • They're making a GANTZ movie...

    with Ninomiya Kazunari (Arashi) and Matsuyama Kenichi (L in Death Note etc)... I'm just speechless...

  • Review: Pirates 3

    It's not typical of me to be doing this so soon...but I have a reason for it. Summary: The former crew of the Black Pearl are heading to World's End…

  • What have I seen?

    Methinks I'll do this once a year. Decided to add the anime one too. Seen it. Seen part of it. Not seen (yet). The imdb top 100 movies of all…

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