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It's not sitting well with me at all. Miyano Mamoru is fine as Tamaki...but the role of Light is very very complex. Will have to wait and see - it's just that I expected someone a lot more senior - like them choosing Yamaguchi Kappei for L (just, please please don't sound like InuYasha!).

And Suzuken is slated for Ravi ^^. I'm thankful that Ravi is not one of those irritating-when-they-get-highly-strung types of characters, or I'd end up despising him sooner or later. If he managed to annoy me as Hikaru, then I'm almost afraid to watch anything else for fear of starting to dislike more favourite characters.


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Aug. 31st, 2006 12:20 am (UTC)
Wahhh Miyano is in Deathnote...now all the now reasont o watch it XD..but then again hmm..the constant thought of hey that's Tamaki is going be hell annoying XD...and WHAT is YAMAGUCHI KAPPEI doing as L.@_@....I mean he's a great VA...but I always remembered him to be a little like Suzaken they have this sort whinney thingue to thier voices @_@....that's why when they said Rabi VA was suzuken and I went and re-watched AC:Last order just to check out what he sounded like as a not so whinney voiced character (ZACK - omg zack and cloud VA's are in DGM) - go have a listen ain't to bad if he uses that style for Rabi :3
Aug. 31st, 2006 04:00 am (UTC)
ZACK - omg zack and cloud VA's are in DGM
They're in heaps of stuff together...(though mostly CD dramas, come to think of it) - they are 'Cherry Bell' after all ^^. Sakurai is in a bit too much though...(3 more series, on top of the 3/4 I'm still struggling to follow...)

SuzuKen can be pretty good when he doesn't do a whinny voiced chara - I'm probably going to see how similar Ravi is to his Furuba and Parfait Tic charas, since I like those.

and and...on a totally different topic, have you read the script for Bleach 241?? *fangirls*
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