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Miscellaneous happenings

Takaya-sensei, I love it that you've given us a Shikito chapter...but you didn't have to draw Akito like that. She's pretty...but that just made her look...strange.

Everyone's probably heard of it by now...Obata-sensei was arrested today, for being in possession of a knife with a blade longer than 6cm.


Ursula Le Guin's response to Miyazaki Goro's interpretation of Earthsea, and comments on how it was made. A few weeks ago, Ghibli released ゲド戦記 (aka Gedo Senki - Tales from Earthsea), based on one of Le Guin's creations.  ANN reported that she gave a positive response, which sparked the entry on her webpage. I have yet to read the books or see the film, but there are a few things revealed in this response that I wanted to comment on first.
Regarding her first reaction to Miyazaki Hayao's expression of interest, I feel that she should at least have tried to find out who she was before she declined. She may not have reacted the same way she did when she saw Totoro seven years ago, but it would have been more polite if she'd attempted to find out about Miyazaki's work before she said no. Culturally, this may have been a slight which would have been difficult to forget. Might this have influenced what happened?

Miyazaki has indicated an intention to retire with every film since Spirited Away (inclusive)...I'm frankly not surprised that he's decided to make another one. Whatever interests the director is up to him now, although if he'd promised to oversee the production, then he should have done so. I respect Le Guin and Miyazaki both, but I feel that there are things that both should have done which it seems they did not do. And at the very least, Ghibli films are known to be of a particular standard - they could at least have devoted that much to Earthsea.


I've had a couple of trying weeks. Lost my usb (which thankfully was returned...though AFTER I'd bought another one) and my iPod connector (I haven't been able to update it since)...fell very sick just before a couple of assessments were due (ended up taking an extension, first one ever, IIRC) and stuffed them both up pretty badly. I suppose it hasn't helped that I'd been procrastinating heaps by skimming Densha Otoko and then Summer Snow even as I was watching them. And on top of that, I'm eyeing Goong...but as that would cost me over 16GB - that's more than 5 months of my bw, there's no way I'm getting it...I'm thankful SC bought a copy with English subs, no matter how bad they may turn out to be! (here's to hoping that I'll be pleasantly surprised). 

Yes I've gotten into dramas...no, I haven't gotten into idols because of them. I did download some stuff when I was looking for the insert song to Gokusen II (Kizuna), which most sites told me was attributed to KAT-TUN. It took me more clicks than I would have liked to find out that it was released under the pair of "Shuji to Akira". And well, I found out that Kame can't sing (as an actor he was ok in Gokusen II, not that I can tell), and KAT-TUN's music reminds me of Linkin Park, what with the rapping they sometimes integrate into their songs, but it's mostly still too 'pop'-like for my liking. Meh...I've really got to go hunting for some other music to try.

Back to the dramas, I am thinking of following one actor, because he really impressed me with one of his roles...but there is one series he is in that I do not want to watch (I just have something against the story...and the main female and male characters). But for the moment, I've got a lot of Kimura Takuya stuff (or so it seems anyway) and a huge backlog of anime in general.

And with regards to manga...more Tsubasa please! And with the 9th volume of Kimi wa Pet ending on that cliffhanger, I want volume 10 NOW. I know what happens at the end, but not knowing what happens in between...it's killing me.
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