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Things to do when one is bored...

or in need of procrastination tools...(this reminded me of something my brother did with Fight Club - he watched it frame by frame).

Challenge: try to find the following image in Ouran 21 ^^

credit: Hyakenen Hayai, who also gives you a hint as to where to find it. Despite what he/she says however, you can catch this if you're watching carefully - rather than just one frame (like Fight Club), there are three. ^^

edit: lol...given that Japanese artistes seem to like having English song titles (and using English words in their songs), it's pretty amusing to find that, for the three English songs on the Densha soundtrack, their titles have been written in Katakana.

edit 2: So the Sarutobis were father and son! I read Naruto too slowly...but well ^^
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