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Study break is here! At last!

Started watching Gung with SC - just the first three episodes so far - and the translations of that HK release are terrible! Sometimes, I get the impression I'd be better off trying to read the Chinese subs - might actually try that when we continue this afternoon!

I read an Ouran spoiler...*feels very stupid for doing so*. They really seem to be making this an ending!


The rest of this post is basically composed of various images - anime, manga and drama stuff I found amusing. Reviews for stuff might be coming over the break, but no guarantees...I really should be writing some emails first.

From Finacee Shitai - can anyone guess which drama track the author must be listening to?
Of course, the TYPE of drama track is probably easy enough...

This authorial comment cracked me up for no good reason. However...Okiayu's 'young voice' is what makes me melt...I highly highly recommended hunting down certain drama series (and even Gundam Wing) just to have a listen!

Linked to Gokusen:

Noda was in NANA too!

I loved this.


And it's manifest this weekend!!!!!
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