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The feeling of inevitability...

Regarding the current test match being played between Australia and New Zealand in Christchurch - I am awfully disappointed with New Zealand's perfomance so far on day four...

After such a wonderful battle in the first innings to have the game pretty evenly poised (the first innings totals differed by just one run!), NZ has capitulated to 131 all-out in the second innings, with Shane Warne taking 5 wickets for 39 runs...4 of them lbw. I'd been hoping that there'd be a bit more fight, or this test series is going to be as boring as the one-day series. At least make us believe that Australia might be defeated! Would create a bit more incentive for fans to watch...

Ah well...there's still this afternoon...let's see if the NZ bowlers can create a miracle - it has happened many times in the history of the game - but in this case, one gets the feeling that the impossible will happen predominantly through the fault of the Australian batsmen, IF it happens. Now, I support Australia...but come on Kiwis, make us eat our pride for once!

edit: so much for that wish...

Who would have thought, after the first and second days, that this match would have ended on the fourth day? With Australia, I suppose anything can happen, but it's not like (from reading the commentary) the Kiwi batsmen did themselves any favours in the way they were out. Is it even worth following this test series anymore?
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