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Manifest is (almost) over

And I've had enough fun for the day. Spent a fair bit too much too, and have not managed to hold to the resolution of "only portraits" (some of the shitajiki are waaaaay too nice!). I'm a bit disappointed - no D.Gray-man cosplayers (as far as I saw anyway), although we had a couple of excellent costumes, including Asham, who came as my absolute favourite manga character ever ^_________^  (which reminds me - I'll have to track down my Houshin Engi chapters...) and won the competition today (as another character). I'm not sure who the winners were yesterday, since an8id and I decided to skip the announcements ^^; (and there WERE more PoT cosplayers there yesterday!!). But well, time to head home...might take a peak at the products of the "iron chef" competition first, but will have to see. Report later...if I don't get sidetracked by Gung.
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