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Fall 2006

Omni has compiled a pretty good preview for Fall 2006 (Anime, that is). There's no way I'm spending even half as much time as he did researching anything...so it'll probably be the following:
Death Note
CODE GEASS (CLAMP character designs, FukuJun and Sakupyon? I'm there)
with the possibility of these, if I have the time (which I won't, actually, so there's no point):
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge
Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi (replaces Blood+, so this is meant to be good)
Hataraki Man
Red Garden
It looks like Death Note and Kanon are the popular series this time round...but there are a heap of interesting series! Part of my problem involves what I'm still following. Unlike this time last year, when I was only following GSD, even though Ouran will be finished, there's still:
Saiunkoku Monogatari
Innocent Venus
I think .hack will have to go on hiatus. NANA will too, if I tire of Shin and Reira. Thank goodness Innocent Venus is only 12 episodes long. *grinds teeth* that's still too many. CODE GEASS might have to wait til uni's over.

Seiyuu Watch (current and new)...
Ishitan: Nighthead Genesis, NANA, Shounen Onmyouji
Sakurai: Code Geass, Black Blood Brothers, D.Gray-man, Innocent Venus, Le Chevalier D'Eon (and I just remembered - the anime where he uses the voice I like (or close enough) are Tactics and Matantei Loki Ragnarok ^^)
FukuJun: Kin-iro no Cordo, Code Geass, Innocent Venus, Busou Renkin, Black Blood Brothers
Paku Romi: Innocent Venus, NANA
Morimori: NANA, D.Gray-man, Nighthead Genesis, 009-1, Saiunkoku Monogatari. (@_@ I didn't know he was Iwaki to MikiShin's Katou in Haru wo Daite ita...given that the drama cds have been shared so many times, that's pretty pathetic of me...)

Yamato Nadeshiko information: 

中原スナコ (Nakahara Sunako) :高口幸子 (Takaguchi Yukiko)
高野恭平 (Takano Kyohei) :森久保祥太郎 (Morikubo Shoutarou)
織田武長 (Oda Takanaga) :杉田智和 (Sugita Tomokazu)
森井蘭丸 (Morii Ranmaru) :野島裕史 (Nojima Hirofumi)
遠山雪之丞 (Toyama Yukinojo) :山内悠椰 (Yamauchi Yuuya)
笠原乃依 (Kasahara Noi) :中原麻衣 (Nakahara Mai)

The art looks so...weird for an anime...

And...just for nostalgia: flipping back through Hikago - now I understand the cuteness of that Hikaru and Akari scene...

Look how grubby and tiny he was way back then!!

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