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Ouran Drama CD cast n other notes

Looks like they've officially been completely changed. The LaLaゴージャス  ドラマCD in the current phonebook has the anime cast instead of the drama cast. Now, I'm quite quite happy with a few of them, but d'oh! it looks like we're stuck with SuzuKen for Hikaru.

There're a few other things I've forgotten to review, such as the Eminence concert on Saturday. It was good, but the pianist obviously didn't really know the songs he was performing, as in, he was probably unaware of the shows they'd been written for and thus didn't perform some of the pieces with sufficient "understanding", for want of a better word - anyways, I'll be back with a full review when my project write up is done. Lord, I've been procrastinating way too much.

Briefly, recent manga chapters:

Furuba 133 was a bit boring...seriously, I don't particularly want to see more of the main pairing...Tsubasa 130 sees ファイ waking up...and calling Kurogane by his proper name, to the latter's surprise and concern. Bleach is getting boring again..whilst Naruto is going the other way (...ok, I think it's just that I love it whenever Shikamaru gets a chance to demonstrate why he was the only person who passed that first Chuunin exam...).

Also, there seems to be an extra W-juliet chapter (or two - there was another one, with a wedding, IIRC, a few months back), released in ザ花とゆめ、whatever that is...

oh yeah, and k_chan009, let's start playing Go for real - I spent an hour on Sunday at Manifest playing, and it was fun, even though I had little-to-no idea what to do... I can't believe I dropped it completely when I came to Australia all those years ago!
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