k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Crazy auctions

Apparently, the blanc et noir artbook (just the artbook, mind, not the Death Box) went for over $200 ^^;;. I wonder if anyone should inform that poor buyer that the Box is still available, for about 230 AUD, shipping included, at amazon.co.jp... The artbook itself costs a paltry $56 or thereabouts, with an additional $18 for shipping. Was it worth it? Dunno - only the buyer could possibly say. What did that item have that it won't have if bought now? Well, it seems like there is a bonus postcard included as an apology for delaying the release date. According to the auction item description, there're also "three double-sided mini-posters" which I'm positive didn't come with the Death Box - I wonder what they are. Anyways, I'm debating buying a copy of this (eventually), since the cover is different...though I'm not entirely sure that's worth it...

I've gotten lazy about the photos. Much better ones are available from links on the Manifest forums. I especially recommend the official photographer's (I think 'Neil Creeks' was him). Asham has also uploaded her Satoshi photoshoot on DA.

On another note...the Ouran anime has ended! Kyouya is frightening XD and I've decided - I agree with Hatori Bisco as to whom Haruhi should end up with ^^;
Tags: (merchandise), (misc), ouran

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