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Bleach crack...and another 'must buy' for Death Note!

So certain minor characters are meant to be 'cool', huh? heh...Hisagi can only dream... I really need this latest volume of the tankoubon... (link to translation is availble on soul_society)

And another thing...I might just order Furuba 20 and 21 from amazon.co.jp after all, because of this latest Death Note release (released Friday the 13th no less XD). The best part is...
L's real name is revealed!!!!!!!!
The only problem now is...where exactly should I have the box sent? My brother is seldom ever home, and no one else is living there atm (scratch that, I just remembered that someone was when I spoke to him today...but she works fulltime, so it doesn't change anything)...and sending it here would be a pain because I'd have to take it back anyway...

Argh! k_chan009 , I wish I'd found out about it earlier!! Do you know anyone who wants to buy stuff from amazon japan? (does anyone else?)
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