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Decisions - Fall Anime

Currently watching:
Black Blood Brothers 7/12 (or thereabouts) - the first episode has a rather amusing (though quite silly in some ways) sequence which had me hooked right away ^^. My favourite aspect of this series is probably how Jirou uses such polite language in every single situation - it's rather tongue in cheek. I wonder what Kamiyan would have sounded like though, because in some ways, this kind of character suits him more than Sakurai (though I'll admit I don't have many examples of Kamiyan's characters to go by).
Innocent Venus 11/12 - just one left, but this series has been rather entertaining, and I really should have been paying attention properly right from the start (although I did have suspicions from episode 6 or so). And...there's a fundoshi in ep. 11...almost died at that ^^

Code Geass - which will apparently have a few seasons...this is Sunrise's new mecha show...and it's quite interesting so far. I didn't see the end of ep.2 coming, and it certainly turns the plot in a particular direction. Now if only they'd stop being so one-sided about Britannia...
As for the others: I'll continue with D.Gray-man either once IV is done, or BBB as well, and I'm not watching Death Note until I can forget Tamaki's voice - he's not someone I want to associate with a particular psychotic character. Besides, neither series is a priority, since I already know what happens in both.

NANA 22/50
.hack//ROOTS 10/26
Saiunkoku Monogatari 19/?
though only until the end of the year...hopefully. I've simply run out of time and space.

And thoughts on certain mangas: Kishimoto-sensei has just restored my faith in him as a storyteller. It's about time...and the big question is, what is team 10 going to do next? and how will Naruto be affected? And NANA seems to be using parallel-story telling, a little like 21 Grams, where we're shown something occurring in the future and the events leading (creeping, I should say - it's been months since that first 'flash-forward'!) to that future at the same time. It's a little disconcerting, but I applaud Yazawa-sensei for being able to hide the answers to all the important questions (where certain people are, and who they are with). I'm curious as to how the anime bloggers will take it once this is animated, provided of course they keep it the same. Only problem would be, at just 50 episodes, I don't think NANA will have enough screentime to get this far.
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