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Not happy...

FukuJun is literally EVERYWHERE this season, and it seems like the voices he is using may be polarised between two extremes. I didn't actually pick him out in Innocent Venus, but after encountering his characters in Black Blood Brothers and Code Geass, I think I'll have that sorted within the next few weeks. I haven't heard his Keita-type voice recently, but that's probably got something to do with what I WON"T be watching - the prime example of which is the Okane ga Nai OVA. Yes, it seems like JunJun has replaced Ishitan as Ayase Yukiya, who has the unfortunate title (in the relevant circles) of the 'ultimate uke'...(I just...dislike that role. The character is way too...girly.) He's overworking himself.

I won't be keeping Innocent Venus. I was quite hooked until two episodes ago - yes, I hadn't actually seen 10 or 11 when I logged the previous post - but 10 helped me decide that it isn't worth watching again and 12 settled it (though I haven't actually seen it yet). Anyone else want to try it before I delete it?

is also stupid and full of fanservice (i.e. guys might find a few things to like about it).

I can't wait for exams to be over so that I can start on the series that are meant to be good (e.g. Gankutsuou, Blood, Eureka 7, Honey and Clover) but there just so much to be done in between now and then and so little motivation.
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