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Not happy...

FukuJun is literally EVERYWHERE this season, and it seems like the voices he is using may be polarised between two extremes. I didn't actually pick him out in Innocent Venus, but after encountering his characters in Black Blood Brothers and Code Geass, I think I'll have that sorted within the next few weeks. I haven't heard his Keita-type voice recently, but that's probably got something to do with what I WON"T be watching - the prime example of which is the Okane ga Nai OVA. Yes, it seems like JunJun has replaced Ishitan as Ayase Yukiya, who has the unfortunate title (in the relevant circles) of the 'ultimate uke'...(I just...dislike that role. The character is way too...girly.) He's overworking himself.

I won't be keeping Innocent Venus. I was quite hooked until two episodes ago - yes, I hadn't actually seen 10 or 11 when I logged the previous post - but 10 helped me decide that it isn't worth watching again and 12 settled it (though I haven't actually seen it yet). Anyone else want to try it before I delete it?

is also stupid and full of fanservice (i.e. guys might find a few things to like about it).

I can't wait for exams to be over so that I can start on the series that are meant to be good (e.g. Gankutsuou, Blood, Eureka 7, Honey and Clover) but there just so much to be done in between now and then and so little motivation.


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Oct. 29th, 2006 10:45 am (UTC)
Wow...so your going back to watch some of the older titles? (I guess Madman has just released Eureka 7 so it can't be too old...just old! Lol) When you come back to Perth, we defiently have to do a catch up and watch some animes (oh, and films! I would love to go to La Premiere or Gold Class to see a good film!)

Funny how life takes you...i'm actually thinking about going straight into a company....well, put it this way - it has become an option to say the least. I always thought that i wanted to go out and not go straight into a company. Its a choice now, so i'll just see my options. I'm not gonig to leave it too late though. I'll miss my chances.

Accounting is they new potential path. I don't even know whether it is a defienate option yet...but i've got my foot into the first stages anyway.
Life really likes to twist and turn you doesn't it!
Oct. 30th, 2006 08:37 am (UTC)
Yes, I'm planning to, because I've missed some good ones over the last couple of years. (And series are 'old' once they're no longer current, huh? lol - I agree!) We could try a few animes...but I'm probably not up for marathons anymore! And Gold Class? To go the full package (dinner and all) would kill me, though I don't mind trying once! But another thing I've been meaning to do is more sunset cinema, and in particular, go to Shakespeare in the park at least once!

wow...what company? There's so much to do out there - but with teaching English in Japan, like you've said, you've already done it. If you can go there in another capacity, then that would probably be more interesting and more beneficial for whatever you end up doing in the future. Though...accounting? Are you sure you want to do that? Maybe I've been conditioned against it by my friends who've done commerce - but it seems to be a bit...dry (though not as dry as Acturial apparently...)

For me, I've left it a bit too late to apply for anything else except honours in Genetics, and I know I'm not doing that. The CELTA is mainly because I might go to China instead, and I'll need it if I want to teach English there. I've found 3 schools offering it back in Perth, so I think I'll just apply to all three and see how I go. Will have to do that by the end of this week though, just to be safe. I'll probably decide on going home once I know when I have to be in Perth for interviews (if any) - I actually finish in 3 weeks, so upping and going by the start of December might be a possibility.
Oct. 30th, 2006 11:36 am (UTC)
well, even though i will most likely have to learn accounting, it will be for the purpose so that i can understand what i will be translating etc. I think he said its more just facilitating the japanese customers...

Hey, that CELTA Course is pretty steep isn't it...like 3000 dollars (less just). But i can totally understand why you would need it, espically if your going to be the main teacher for an extended time.

So early december hey...did you ever think about coming to Wai-con and ya, possibly taking pictures of some hot 'boys'...LOL (just getting into character*

But ya, just debating whether i want to go to japan randomly..i know i can figure out heaps to do over there...but its a big step. I'm planning on leavign on teh 28th of DEcember, and coming back on the 2nd of Feb, and spend the day in Carins in transit. Just applying atm to see whether there is a fishing tour available on that day! :D

Yahoooo...but when i come back in feb...I WOULD LOVE TO GO TO SHAKESPERE IN THE PARK!! (unless feb is too late maybe...does it run in mid december? hmmm)
Oct. 31st, 2006 12:56 am (UTC)
yeah, it's pretty steep. I've saved enough over the years to pay for it, but I've have to find some way to subsidise all the expenses that are going to go into this. Come to think of it, that woud probably be what it would cost to go to Japan for a month or so, ne?

Wai-con...is sooo expensive to go to! I'll think about it and let you all know though...but hang on - it's KH2 and...did you all decide on D.Gary or HaruToki 3?

Shakespeare in the Park is all summer I think, so Feb included - but I might well be in Singapore by then.

and gomen ne...was really tired last night, so just fell asleep in the end...
Oct. 31st, 2006 11:07 am (UTC)
*cries*...I"M ALL ALONE...THERE NO ONE HERE BESIDE ME.....*puts on a donkey costume*..

Its ok, i ended up talking to my uncle for a while so had to go out of the room. It actually turns out, cos of that conversation, i'm goign to use Cathy Pacific (ya...they are narzi's when it comes to weight in luggage) but i wan't to visit my uncle. I'll stop there for 5 days on teh way back. I'm actually considering to spend a bit more time in HK because i want to take a 3 day tour to China. And if i think about it, i'm defiently going to get another chance to go to Japan, and i dont' know when i'll be giong to HK/let alone China again. (unless ur over there...or perhaps for the Olympics if i am motivated enough when the time comes....LOL)
Oh and about the price...it is practically as you said - the amount it would cost JUST FOR THE AIR TICKET to go to Japan. I booked late, so i'm paying about an extra 500 dollars..but oh well, i've saved enough money that i can afford it...(well, i don't really get a choice if i want to go i have to pay!)

Wai con is expensive..but worth it *maybe...i haven't been for a year, and the location is Joondalup so ya...pretty hard! (sigh)*
Nov. 1st, 2006 09:41 am (UTC)
Bad news...(well, if you look at it that way) - most probably I can't return to Perth before Dec 21st, because I'm meant to be graduating. I had expected it to be in March, but they really surprised me...though I'll have to see what my parents want to do as well first.

Joondalup...that far up North, huh? Well...I remember what it was like driving down to Murdoch last year...especially when I forgot my camera on Sunday...

Olympics? I've long been thinking that I never really want to be in an Olympic city during the Games (unless it's the Winter Games ^^), and it all really depends on what happens with my applications. If I apply for JET and get through (prays), then it would be bad if I refuse... Such a dilemma! 'cos I know someone who's willing to help me find a position in China too...

Ouch...just for the air ticket? Holiday season and all too I guess!
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