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Gokusen special...and other bits and pieces...

Just finished the Gokusen special. Sawada....baka baka baka baka bAkA BAKA! Of all the things to say, you just had to say something like 'You'll always be our homeroom teacher'! (お前はこれからも、俺らの担任の(せんこう)だよ。 ずっと 一生な。- is this right? I can't find the kanji for 'senkou', if that's even the correct romaji...) Give us back manga Shin!!! Please!!!

Shock: Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe have spilt up. The correlation between Best Actress Oscar winners and splits (in Hollywood) is rather disconcerting if one looks at the figures over the past nine years. Off the top of my head, I'm pretty certain that Annette Bening is one of the steady three...who are the others?

Okane ga Nai chapter 21 is really amusing. I really like Someya-san (and Tobita Nobuo in this role was the only reason I managed to sit through the drama cds once - I think I'll edit and keep the tracks he's in).  However, there probably is no doubt that this is yet another parody of that particular world (other examples include Ouran and Water Boys) - I wonder how RL okama and transvestites feel about these representations.

Code Geass is becoming a bit more interesting now. BBB 8 finally gives us a bit more background to work with, but sadly...JunJun isn't in it...

And one more thing...given the character, I really didn't expect Kamiyan to fit Takemoto (Honey and Clover) so well! I guess it was mainly because the character I'll always associate him with is Queen Saionji ^^;. I'm really looking forward to watching H&C now...and I sincerely hope Kamiyan's recovery is going well!

edit: well done Honey-sempai! (Ouran chapter 45 spoilers) And so the plot thickens...actually, that pairing I don't mind...but I just don't see it happening.
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