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Just a note...

I have to say it - Code Geass is THE SERIES of the season for me. Now if only Sunrise can get through it without pulling a Destiny on it, and given that Fukada and Morosawa are nowhere near it, and the character designs are by CLAMP rather than Hirai Hisashi-san, we're hopefully in safe hands!

(Must admit though...I still like FukuJun in BBB better...and he's hilarious in xxxHOLiC...but is it worth keeping that series just for that?)

However, it really comes down to the fact that I've read Death Note (by way of contrast, D.Gray-man is ok - I'm kinda treating it like something a bit mindless to watch once in a while). Knowing everything that's going to happen spoils the series a bit. I've heard that the movies have a different ending...will check them out, one day.


One to go, then applications to complete (and an amazon.co.jp order to make - though I've thought about trying kinokuniya...) and a flight to book... *sighs*


edit: I don't read Japanese, or at least not much of it. But the number of seiyuu names I can now recognise is embarrassing...or maybe it's just a coincidence that 12 of the 13 seiyuu in Five vol 3 have been in lots of the shows I've seen...
Tags: (real_life), (seiyuu), anime: brief thoughts, code_geass, seiyuu: junjun

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