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As the final curtain drops...

For the sake of clearing out a file on my computer, and because it is ending on Monday (in fact, spoilers are out already - it's over!!)...it's time to talk about Furuba.

The Fruits Basket anime was the first series I burnt with my (back then) new computer, when I finally had it set up way back at the start of 2003. However, I never really liked it, for a variety of reasons. Firstly - Tohru annoyed me a whole lot. Whilst there are positives about someone being so dedicated, forgiving etc, what I could never really take about her was her servile attitude. And Horie Yui's voice irritates me...whether because of the series or simply because, I don't know anymore.

Kyou also irritated me - the 'brash guy who doesn't know how to express his feelings' might be favoured by many other females, but his single-mindedness and naivety really got on my nerves. (Hence I loved it whenever Yuki went BLACK in the last few volumes. Kakeru's influence on him sure is interesting...) All things considered, Hiro is actually quite similar to Kyou...and I'd choose Hiro because of his intelligence. Kyou is the reason I disliked almost every single character voiced by Seki Tomokazu over the next few years. (For the record, Yzak in GSD is the character that changed that.)

The other main problems I had with anime were all the changes they made to the manga. So much was cut that there can never be a second season - the studio would be better off starting all over again. The worst change, for me, was Shigure, who seems a whole lot more spineless in his animated form...though I will admit that his so-called exploitation of Tohru in the manga wasn't as evil as it could have been, at least he wasn't just someone put into the final arc (anime universe) to create a bit more drama in a very very pathetic manner. And of course, they never quite got round to Rin and Kureno.

Anyway, stuff that was cut/different from the manga which has some importance in the progression of the story:
  1. the 'red-cap' boy. This is really important to explain why Kyou hates (or rather, hated) Yuki so much. It's also important for the development of Yuki's character.
  2. Shigure's agenda (his dream etc).
  3. Yuki was not involved in retrieving Kyo. The reason is probably because ending there would have made it a Kyo-centric ending. The next issues in the manga concerned Yuki. (Takaya- sensei balanced between the two of them quite well in the first half of the manga.) And frankly, having Yuki be involved there kind of defeats the purpose of a lot of subsequent incidents in the manga, particularly with respect to Yuki.
  4. Mayu (school sensei - this is important for Hatori, even if she is a minor character.)
  5. Tohru did not go to see Akito formally at the main house until a long time after that incident.
  6. And of course, the most important one, which no one could have known for certain until Takaya-sensei actually revealed it in chapter 97 - Akito is actually female.
As a sidenote, the major pairings which were finalised around chapter 100 or so... Poor Momiji, and Kagura, not paired up at all. But I'm sure Momiji will find his place in the world.
  • Kyou x Tohru
  • Shigure x Akito
  • Yuki x Machi
  • Haru x Rin
  • Hiro x Kisa
  • Arisa x Kureno
  • Hatori x Mayu
  • Ayame x Mine
  • Saki x Kazuma
  • Ritsu x Mit-chan

On that note - bring on 136!!
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