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Regarding the shocking 5th day...

To any Englishman (or woman) who happens by this in ignorance, apologies in advance...

but WTF was that performance today!?! To lose after a first innings declaration somehow brings to mind Australia losing after enforcing the follow-on in India a good 5 or so years ago, but to lose from being 97 runs ahead with 9 wickets left in the second innings...I was dumbstruck for duration of the Australian run chase!

I completely agree with Peter English - the Poms simply didn't make enough runs. Don't give me that 'runs dried up on the fifth day wicket' crap - the Aussies showed that the batting track was still pretty damn good, even if psychological factors (which I would say were self-created anyway) came into play. The first innings produced a pretty pathetic total (551/6) when we compare it to what Australia made in 30 fewer overs back in 2002 (552/9). At least 600 probably should have been on the cards...which would have added just that little bit more pressure...probably. This is the current Australia you're playing against - the standard of cricket seen back when Tests could be played over 6 days simply doesn't cut it anymore.

So, dear Englishmen...would you please please PLEASE address this batting problem before you get to the WACA ground?
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