k-chan (karice67) wrote,

This is about as close as I think I'll get to doujinshi on series that I like...

An expanded screenshot from the Genshiken OVA. How many series do you recognise? ^^


Anyways, a very HAPPY 2007 to you all - hope you saw in the new year in a memorable way (it doesn't necessarily have to have been worthwhile...). [info]k_chan009, glad to hear that you're enjoying yourself in Japan! (Although...that was a meme? If you really want to know what 'meme' means, check wikipedia. Hint - why does it have the same ring that 'gene' does?)

I'd post a bit more often were it not for this course I'm on atm. Although it is my fault that the homework due tomorrow isn't done yet. Needless to say, I have yet to scan all the stuff I've wanted to scan in...or watch all the series on my backlog...but I'll get there, someday. I'll try and get the assignment done now at any rate...
Tags: (bl), (real_life)

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