k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Memes and manga endings.

The 2nd half of the Bedroom Meme that's still going around is composed of a myriad of questions stolen from various places. People just kept dropping and adding questions where it suited them - they're all pretty random anyway, so might as well pick and choose whatever one wants. I might do the first half later, but probably not the second half.

Of more interest to me currently is that fact that two mangas I'm quasi-following are ending soon. The final chapter of Gokusen is apparently in next month's 'You' magazine - the chapter cover this month suggests that Yankumi's class is graduating! And Parfait Tic is winding up too - it's allegedly down to the last six chapters or thereabouts (which would be approximately 147 chapters all up). The last one I've seen is 136, wherein Fuuko finds out that either Ichi or Daiya is intending to go to China (hm...I'm being reminded of Card Captor Sakura...) I'd be much much happier if Fuuko doesn't end up with either of them, but to make a choice...I'd say Ichi. He's been a lot more understanding than Daiya has. All I really want to say now is...ABOUT BLOODY TIME.

Speaking of endings...I think NANA should be approaching that too.
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