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Gokusen final chapter

Spoilers are out (credits to Elina on RSC)...and there had better be more to it than that!

As expected, it ends with Sawada's class graduating. Unlike the drama, Shin has decided to study law in order to become...a lawyer for the yakuza. (I wonder why...^^) When he informs Yankumi, she freezes, turns red, punches him and dashes off to the school. ^_______^

Yankumi manages to stay on as a teacher with a new group of students for the new school year. Shinohara is apparently nowhere to be seen - there was a chapter a few months back called 二人の先生 (or something like that) - I wonder what he told her...

Speaking of Shinohara vs. Shin...the 3rd chapter of volume 9 was pretty cute.

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